No more hours styling and restyling every day.
Forget being self conscious about your hair.  Make it the last thing you worry about and one of the things you love.

The Hair Straightening Expert in Denver is the number one salon and professional to get hair straightening treatments.  Japanese hair straightening (thermal reconditioning) is permanent hair straightening.  That means once you straighten your hair, it’s straight. It will grow out and then you’ll touch up the roots. There is no need for hair dryers or flat irons. It’s low maintenance.  This permanent hair straightening process has many benefits. The most obvious one is the sleek, frizz free look. But beyond the appearance factor, the greatest benefit is likely to be time saved each day on not having to fight to dry, wavy or curly hair with a blow dryer and brush. 


Hair that has been straightened by all levels of thermal reconditioning are much quicker to dry. LevelsIt requires very little attention out of the shower, giving you a professional look with minimal effort. You are also saved from the hassle of fighting frizz from humidity or physical activity. Along with Japanese Thermal we also offer other types of hair straightening in Denver.  The levels are 1-5.  Level 1 is the smooth control, 2 is Fusion Control, 3 is Japanese Thermal straightening, 4 is Japanese keratin, 5 is Japanese thermal Keratin elite.  These all combine Liscio Milbon Hair straightening products with keratin Products like Brazilian Blowout, Rejuvenol, Sarnya Key, etc with my proprietary techniques  to achieve the best results in the hair business. 


I am Marc Laupretre . I am the only stylist in Denver to hold 10 Straightening certifications, Istraight, Liscio, Brazilian Blowout, Marcia texiera, Rejuvenol, Keratin Complex, Lasio, Global Keratin, Yuko. I am the only 5 star rated (230+ Reviews) straightening specialist to consistently achieve results for my clients again and again.  I have worked extensively with all types of hair 1a-4c and know what works best to achieve the desired result.  I am also the only salon in Denver to have a fully certified 3 step HEPA Aerovex filtration system.  Making me the only salon in Denver to have a fully OSHA compliant air quality when receiving these services.



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Japanese Thermal Straightening

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