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Hair Model

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will my hair look like the picture I brought in?
    This is the biggest challenge in the hair world today. Each and every persons hair is a canvas of individualism.  Although, there are similarities between all hair, each persons head of hair is unique and cannot be "exactly" like another persons.  If we start with perfect hair you will end up with perfect hair.  If we start with challenged hair we can improve on the condition over time with layering to rebuild the hair from the inside out.   It takes work at the salon and at home to maintain beautiful hair with consistency. 

  2. Can my hair be colored or have other chemical treatments and be straightened?
    Yes,  Certain treatments like Keratin treatments work better on hair that is porous as a result of chemical exposure.  The challenge with this is that if you only have color in one area or many small areas your hair will not have equal porosity throughout the hair.   

  3. Will this damage my hair?
    If your hair has not been well maintained it may take some very attentive home care with great products to ensure the condition following some services.  Products purchased at Grocery stores are not good for these services. If you have used Grocery store products for more than a month your ends may need to be cut off up to 3 inches if your hair is very long. This is not abnormal. In rare occasions a keratin sealer can be applied to the ends if needed.  Well maintained hair is healthy hair. 

  4. What should I expect?
    To ensure that clients have realistic expectations one must understand that these services are designed to eliminate varying degrees of time that it takes to style your hair NOT to make it air dry perfect.  Sometimes a little wave may be in areas where the hair must be protected to prevent damage in the lower level Japanese services (1 to 3)  This is done to make sure the hair is kept healthy 

Have Additional Questions? Please free to text me directly at (303) 905-6800

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